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I thought I knew how much time I spent on "paid work." I was WAY off!

Here's a recent Twitter thread I posted that I thought you might enjoy.

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Underestimate your hours much? I’ve been freelancing for over 15 years and Tracking my time with Togg.l

for about 4 years so I thought I knew where my freelance writing time went. I was wrong.

My husband and I were chatting last weekend about the hours I spend each week on “paid work” > working on freelance assignments I’ve been commissioned for clients. I estimated about 8/15 hours I worked each week. I was WAY off.

I’m still ramping up client work after taking 6 weeks off from it this summer but I looked at my weekly

@toggltrack report & added up the client work hours.

Last week? 4 out of 13

The previous week? 3.5 out of 15

The week before that? 3.25 out of 12

Sure there was the Labor Day holiday in the U.S. so I have to factor that in but I actually worked on Labor day!

Many freelancers grossly underestimate our time, how it’s spent, and the time we actually have to take on more work.

How many hours do you spend on freelance client work?

See why time-tracking apps are some of the best apps for freelancers on this list.

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