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I'm experimenting! Bear with me as I fumble through social

As you've probably noticed, everyone and their mother, grandmother, weird uncle, and their neighbors are posting videos on social these days.

So I thought it was time to bite the bullet and start filming.

I don't know about YOU but as a writer, I tend to shy away from the camera. When all of my fellow journalism majors at Rutgers wanted to be on camera and work in television, I was drawn to magazines and was totally okay with just seeing my name in print occasionally.

But, now it's all about putting yourself out there. So here goes...[GULP!}

If you're on the 'gram and want to watch some freelance writing tips and tricks, follow me @DianaKellyLeveyFreelance.

If you want to watch me try to get the hang of TikTok, I'm @FreelanceWriting101. And no, I haven't danced out my advice yet, or figured out how to make the text appear and disappear seamlessly either. It's clunky and pretty raw -- but isn't that anything that's creative in the beginning?

Feel free to tune in for just a laugh if you'd like.

(Oh and if there's video content you'd like to see me address on these platforms -- let me know!)

Have a great weekend.



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