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How are those six-pack abs coming along?

Now that it's summer, some of us are working on slimming and toning our midsections. (Or, at least thinking about the middle regions of our bodies.)

If you wanted to improve your midsection at some point, you may have attempted a few crunches.

But have you ever done 20 situps or even 5 minutes of abs exercises, and then looked down and wondered where your ripped abs were? Probably not.

So why do some of us expect the same with freelance marketing efforts? We send out a few emails here and there and then wonder why we aren't earning a six-figure freelance salary.

When you're building your freelance business, or looking for new, higher-paying clients, you have to work on it -- each week.

That's why I created a freelance monthly marketing plan you can download.

Now that it's almost July, it's time to revisit your annual freelance goals. If you aren't on track to reach them, start applying some of my weekly and monthly freelance marketing tips. Print off six copies of the PDF and post them where you'll see them so you can check off tasks each day, week, and month.

What do you have to lose?

Get the 2022 Freelance Marketing Plan PDF here.


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