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Diana Kelly Levey
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Are you a freelancer looking to elevate your LinkedIn presence, save time when it comes to writing posts, and showcase your writing skills to a wider audience—in particular, clients who will want to hire you to write for them?

This guide is tailor-made for freelancers like you, with real-world examples of posts that worked for 2023 Women in Content Marketing Award Freelance Excellence Award finalist, Diana Kelly Levey.

Have you ever felt like you “should” be more engaging on a social platform more but struggle with consistency and wondering what to post? 

You aren't alone.

In a survey I conducted of some of my freelancer newsletter subscribers, many said the biggest challenges they had with LinkedIn were...

  • No time to write a post
  • Not feeling sure about what to say

I can relate.

I struggled with both of those problems and used to post sporadically throughout the year.

Engaging here and there with others.

Then not saying anything for weeks.

You know what? It showed in my analytics.

Spring of 2022, I committed to posting on LinkedIn more. I wanted to grow my audience on that platform so that editors would see me, potential clients could get a sneak peek at my writing samples, and I could share more freelance business-building tips with a professional network. 

I went from 3,800 followers May 2022 > ~5,900 by October 2023

Even better?

  • Impressions went from 100/month > ~35,000/ month!
  • Engagements went from 10/month > 520/month!
  • I now get nearly 1,000 profile views/month

I also launched a biweekly newsletter on LinkedIn in June 2022 and have about 4,700 subscribers as of fall 2023.

What does all this data translate to?

I've received over $15,000 of work from contacts/leads that came to me through LinkedIn within the past year.

That's a nice chunk of change in my book!

How do I know the posts and consistent schedule are working?

Oftentimes, an editor who has given me an assignment tells me that they are enjoying my posts and articles. (It’s rewarding to know it’s paying off!)

LinkedIn impressions for Diana Kelly Levey

What are you waiting for?
If you're ready to ...

✅Get inspired to post on LinkedIn

✅Write better posts

✅Reach a larger audience

✅Build a following on LinkedIn with standout posts

✅Write copy, hooks and calls to action that inspire clients to reach out

✅And establish a consistent pace...

Get this guide of 35 Post Topics for LinkedIn right now.

These are ideas of what to say in a post when you aren't sure of what to say.

What You'll Discover Inside

  • 35 Proven Post Ideas: Never run out of content inspiration again. From thought-provoking questions to engaging storytelling, this guide of LinkedIn templates has got you covered.
  • Time-Saving Templates: We provide you with EXACT ideas of some post ideas—and links to real examples that worked—so you can hit the ground running
  • Expert Tips: Benefit from insider tips on crafting engaging LinkedIn posts, boosting engagement, and growing your network.
  • Tools That Inspire: Discover technology that can help you ensure you're addressing the questions and problems your audience faces so you can answer those concerns with LinkedIn posts that convert.

This guide empowers you to craft compelling posts that not only showcase your writing prowess but also resonate with your audience.


  • Write posts like a pro copywriter
  • Get ideas on fun topics to write about that will tickle your storytelling bone and engage your audience.
  • Save hours trying to brainstorm what to write
  • Entice new clients and customers

Here's what a LinkedIn Editor who's reading my posts had to say!

Download the guide now and get ideas for 35 post topics to start scheduling out.

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LinkedIn Post Templates

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