20+ Freelance Pitches That Worked and 125+ Freelance Writing Tips

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20+ Freelance Pitches That Worked and 125+ Freelance Writing Tips

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Get the PDF that shows 24 examples of freelance article pitches that turned into paid assignments that earned thousands of dollars and years of repeat business!

See real freelance article pitches that got sold to magazines and websites including SHAPE, Real Simple, Men's Journal, Reader's Digest, ApartmentTherapy.com, Headspace, and more multi-million dollar content marketing clients.

In this guide of 24 Freelance Writing Article Pitch Examples, you'll discover:

-How to write subject lines that intrigue editors

-How to write an introductory email to an editor or content marketing manager

-Real feedback from editors on how to write a pitch that turns into a freelance assignment

-How much detail you should include in an article pitch

-The importance of following up with editors when it comes to freelance pitches that get assigned

-And more tips on how to write freelance article pitches that sell with these article pitches that worked!

This PDF has a $25 value but is available for a discounted price.

You'll also receive my e-book 100+ Tips for Beginner Freelance Writers:

In it, you'll get freelance writing basics for beginners and intermediate freelance writing tips to help you earn more money for assignments and projects!

Here's what's included in this 65-page freelance writing e-Book:

-Getting Started Tips

-Article Ideas

-Tips on How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs and Lucrative Clients

-How to Write Pitches That Work

-How to Set Rates

-Tips on Staying Organized when Juggling Multiple Assignments

-Freelance Goal-Setting and Tips to Run an Efficient Freelance Business

-How to Find Time for Freelance Writing

-Tips on Building an Online Presence with Social Media

-How to Maximize Productivity

-How to Become a Six-Figure Writer

-Sample Email Templates

This comprehensive e-Book is valued at $29.99 and is available now for a discounted price.

Get these two freelance writing products for only $24.99 today! 

You'll receive two PDFs valued at over $50 for half off!  Download these products now to start earning a freelance income.

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20+ Article Pitch Examples and 125+ Freelance Writing Tips

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